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EveryonePrint Mobile Printing – The Freedom to Print from Anywhere, Easily and Secure


– EveryonePrint (EOP) enables companies and/or schools to establish a secure, private cloud printing environment. IT managers and administrators will welcome the versatile EveryonePrint functionality that includes follow-me printing and mobile printing without the need to manage any applications on the client side and will be enthusiastic about the user-friendliness of the solution and EveryonePrint’s design for user self-administration. Reduced help desk calls and support requests.

– EveryonePrint offers platform – and device- independent printing of office related documents, and is compatible with any brand of smartphone, tablets or other mobile devices and printers.

– Mobile workers benefit from a new freedom and enhanced flexibility, enjoying instant access to printing wherever they happen to be. Follow-me printing “inside the cloud” does not require users to determine a certain output device in advance – they can make this choice as they go along.

– Using the included authentication functionality, EveryonePrint can be flexibly configured for employees and/or external users. Users will enjoy the benefits of driverless printing and can easily generate their own printouts by sending an email to a preconfigured address or uploading their documents via a web browser. No software installation on the user’s mobile devices is required.

Key Features

  • Convenient driverless mobile printing
  • Flexible print job submission via email, web page, Android,
  • Windows and iOS apps or printer driver from within the applications
  • Easy modification of basic job settings during print job release
  • Office file format support for mobile printing – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, websites, TXT, and image
  • EOP printer driver support for unlimited applications (Windows, Macintosh, Linux)
  • Access limitation, e.g. to known users in the corporate network by AD or PIN authentication
  • Print job release via PIN ID for anonymous users
  • Straightforward integration of EveryonePrint with existing print accounting systems
  • OSA compatible release button on MFP panel display

Key Benefits

  • Easily establish a private cloud print solution in corporate environments
  • Enhanced security avoids unattended printouts in the printer output tray
  • Saves printing costs because sent but forgotten print jobs will not be printed
  • Eco-friendly reductions of paper and energy consumption
  • IT-friendly use of standard applications (web browser, email client) to print for all platforms
  • User-friendly, highly convenient printing from mobile devices
  • Facilitates accounting with straightforward integration of EveryonePrint into existing accounting systems
  • Inexpensive full-featured mobile printing solution with stand-alone follow me print capabilities