Bits Metis

BITS Metis

Turning Information into Profit


Your Sharp MFP’s are capable of amazing things. Many of them already have accounting functionality with the ability to collect detailed meter click readings directly from the device and broadcast them at regular intervals to a defined email account. That’s all great, but the problem comes when trying to make sense of and work with the information that has been collected. That’s where BITS Metis steps in…

BITS Metis Key Benefits:

  • Reporting made easy
  • Flexible, cost effective licensing solution provides for any size of customer
  • Track and allocate the cost of operating your devices
  • Easy to use
  • Compile valuable data to increase your bottom line
  • Increase customer service by offering flexible billing solutions
  • Track by wide range of parameters

MX-6070 FN31


MX-6070 FN31

Features at a Glance

  • Easy and relevant collection of device information via email
  • Flexible User Interface displays individual data and grand totals
  • Option to store department, cost center and contact information against each device
  • Billing periods provide an easy way to generate monthly information
  • Simple handling of stand-alone machine readings
  • Easy generation of Billing and Usage reports
  • Ability to create customer reports
  • Automatic detection of new machines and accounts
  • Ability to store previously billed account information
  • Multiple departments can be configured and information can be collected from different email addresses
  • Information can be processed for the entire organization or per department